Pure Silver Bracelet

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Pure silver 99.99%

Weight: 31.10g

Corresponds to the weight of an american ounce (ingot). It comes with Swiss metals garantee.

Available without engraving (120€)

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135,00 €*

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In the trading history, Silver has always been a value standard alongside gold.

Nowadays silver is more and more sought after because of its properties. It is used in many strategic sectors : electronics, water filtration, medical, aerospace. The low silver reserves make it a "strategic" raw material. The consumption exceeds the production for ages that rain the mines.

Estimated reserves : 13 years (in 2015)

With this bracelet in sterling silver, we offer you the opportunity to invest in a store of value that has proven itself.

There armany advantagess to buy pure silver jewelry over traditional bullion:

- It is easier to sell

- It is easily transportable on wrist (interesting if we should flee quickly during a natural disaster or armed conflict)

- It is divisible, can be divided quickly with a sharp object. If the silver rate rise in a very brutal way it would be very difficult to sell. The wristband offers the possibility to subdivide it into small units

- It is safe: State have never seized jewels on the contrary of bullions  (France in 1720 and US during 1930's)